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    Zorita B’s  gender-bending Half and Half “bride/groom” striptease

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    You want my phone number? It’s useless. The best way to contact me is to fill a human skull with acorns and vigorously shake it into the night. I will hear you eventually.

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  • "A soft woman
    is simply a wolf
    caught in meditation."
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    Platform: Mr. Intergalactic Dreamboat
    Artist: Scott Kinnebrew
    Manufacturer: Forces Of Dorkness
    Material: Resin

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    Warning Signs of Satanic Behavior. Training video for police, 1990

    the perfect photoset

    Hail Candy Satan

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    ”The best way to get to know a city is to count up how much change you have in your pocket and take the subway as far as that amount gets you.” David Bowie on traveling in Japan

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  • William Blake, A Divine Image from Songs of Innocence and of Experience (via gloomgendered)

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  • "Cruelty has a human heart,
    And Jealousy a human face;
    Terror the human form divine,
    And Secrecy the human dress.
    The human dress is forged in iron,
    The human form a fiery forge,
    The human face a furnace sealed,
    The human heart its hungry gorge."